Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Manipulate Your Parent

Helped chaparone a trip to Knott's Berry Farm last night--what a wonderful bunch of articulate, polite, patient, good natured, friendly kids on our yellow bus! We arrived back at school at 2 am--yes, in the morning--and most of the parents were there, ready to transport the sleepies home. A handful of kids had to wait a bit, as always, and as always, that meant so did we chaparones.

I told one, T., he should call his dad and fake cry, "Alllll the OTHER parents came already!! Don't you love meee? Where arrrrre you?" But T. smiled and said, "No, that won't work on my dad. This, though, might: 'Hey Dad, I have fried chicken...' "

Our laughter rang through the wee hours.