Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Temporary Amnesia of July and the Mystery of Exciting Housework

I'd forgotten.

I'd forgotten how much grading is generated by thoughtful instruction. I'd forgotten how much time it takes to carefully read and respond to thoughtfully done work, to give meaningful, helpful feedback.

I'd forgotten how, faced with ten piles of work, I suddenly get the mad urge to clean the house, which in all fairness really DOES need a good cleaning. It is a triumph of will to sit and grade and not run towards the vacuum.

Suddenly MugBook is compelling. Words with Friends is frolicsome, even when all I have is auuwiio. On a beautiful day, I simply must remember that I am employed serving wonderful people doing stimulating work.

Mostly, I'd forgotten about the incredible amount of time. I remember now.

(Note that I am writing this entry as the ten piles glare balefully at me.)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wasn't it Ella Who Sang "Too Darn Hot"?

I am TOO CRABBY to be flattered. Three kids came back to visit on this first Friday of the new school year, all happy and sweet and nostalgic, but NO. The back of my knees were sticky and there was an actual creek running down my spine. I was able to take about fifteen minutes and then diplomatically closed up the room and ended the visit early. (For being loving and diplomatic in my physical and psychological condition, I expect a major award or a Nobel Prize or something.)

Don't get me wrong--my kids are great. They are champions, sitting there on the plastic chairs that save their body heat and generously return it to them, reading about Jamestown's trials and tribulations. But that room.....

No Friday is good, but especially do NOT come visit me on a Friday when my bungalow's thermometer is at 92°.

Go away.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ego, Ants, and Houston, We Have Lift Off

7:00 am The light guy is in my bungalow to fix two of the ballasts. As he leaves, he says that now I can see my pretty face reflected. Aw. Whatever that means. I don't care, he called me pretty, he meant it,  and I'm a hundred years older than he is. 

8:00 am So I open the first pie box in order to cut the pie into unequal pieces for my first lesson, and--oh no: I had bought pies that needed to be cooked first. The pie is all gooey pumpkin slush.  Pujols.

8:05 am Head to Vons to buy ready-made pies. They have only apple. Apple pies are difficult to cut. Whah. I have no choice.

9:00 am The kids come up the ramp and we begin! The butterflies are there, but Teacher Mode kicks in and I remember how to do this. Um, there are ants EVERYWHERE. How do they find food so quickly? I move the pies to a safer, ant-free zone.

11:00 am I have my prep. It is the greatest prep ever--teach two, break, teach one, lunch, teach two. I can breathe and prepare for almost every class individually. I have time to file papers and put things away. This may just be The Year of Good Habits.

1:00 Lunchtime. My feet hurt. Why did I wear these shoes? Why is it a million degrees? Why is the lunch room so far away? Whah.

1:30 Class starts. I make a reference to when I was in 2nd grade and a kid mumbles, "That was forty years ago..." Welp, there goes my morning ego boost.

3:50 The first day is in the books! A girl from 7th period walks right up to me and says, "You taught us! Now it's YOUR turn to learn!" And she teaches me how to Dougie. !!! I know, right? Now I know how to Dougie (rather badly).

4:00 Time to get ready for tomorrow.

5:15 I roll out of the parking lot. While in the air-conditioned car, I make plans to go for a walk when I get home.

6:00 After laying inert on the balcony, I realize the walk isn't going to happen. I fight the urge to go to bed right away. I realize that dinner will be cold cereal.

6:30 I realize: if I want to go to bed early, what's stopping me?