Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Weeks in February in an Ordinary Teacher's Life

Student teacher (Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm, every single minute except the bathroom moments when I am soooo glad to have some alone time, however mundane)
Hello, March--just in time

debriefing with his university supervisor (30 minutes--my lunch time)

emergency trip to the dentist right after school (one hour--major pain)

trip to Kaiser for what the dentist couldn't fix during the school day--you take what they can give you (two hours total for a diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, ugh, and to find the pharmacy was out of the meds)

trip to Kaiser to pick up the meds they didn't have the day before (30 min)

African American History Jeopardy video (45 minutes--my prep period)

Bible Club (30 minutes on Wednesdays--my lunch time)

Academic Club (two hours on Mondays, after school)

Instructional Leadership Team (one hour)

IEP meeting (90 minutes after school)

Dodgeball (30 minutes--my lunch time)

Chaparoning CJSF to Knott's on a Friday night (nine HOURS--we arrive back at 2am)

planning for the sub for when I'm at the Program Improvement retreat (probably two hours, yet to be done)

Program Improvement retreat, on campus (Monday, 8-4, and then I have Academic Team)

I am SO OVER February. And I am practicing a new vocabulary word in March. It begins with N and ends with O and has two letters.