Sunday, October 25, 2009

maybe almost nearly possibly mostly

Sunday after church was:

me and a stack of papers
me avoiding another stack of papers, the ones I really need to do
planning like crazy (spending waaay too much time with Edgar Allan Poe)
checking FB as a reward every ten minutes
one hour nap
and mostly spinning out like an eighth grader, inwardly groaning about all I needed to get done.

 If I had just sat down and powered through, I'd maybe be almost nearly possibly mostly done. 

Not even close.
Didn't even watch the Charger game.

In this economic climate--and in this world--and as a follower of Jesus, I am loth to whine, but gotta tell the truth: it does get a little old, spending half the weekend working when I am supposed to be resting and refueling.

First break = 11/11, and I hereby commit to doing NO SCHOOL RELATED WORK THAT DAY. Unless I have to, that is.

1 comment:

  1. Mom and I went to Glen Ivy for a glorious day of R & R, topped off with crepes for dinner and crepes for dessert. Ahhhh.

    Work will keep. Moms and vacations won't.