Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Short of the Long

So as this quiet girl asked me a question after class on a Friday, I was shocked at the length of her hair. In my mind's eye, I could have sworn she had hair just brushing her shoulders, and yet here she stood with hair down to the middle of her back.

All weekend I felt terrible. Had it really been that long since I had paid attention to L.? Perhaps her hoodie had hidden her hair, I alliteratively reasoned. Chastened, I was determined to look at the silent, oft invisible kids who dot the classroom. It's easy to notice the obnoxious kids, the involved kids, the motivated kids. But I resolved to really see the quiet ones.

On Monday as L. came up the ramp, I remarked to her that her hair had really grown since September. She smiled, grabbed a chunk of hair and pulled it out: she was wearing extension clip ons.

I feel much better, but I've still made a point to look at the invisibles this week, just in case...

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