Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Month to Go: ACNE

In history, we are full on in the middle of the Civil War; we finished Glory last week, and Pickett makes his futile charge this Friday at our Gettysburg re-enactment. It seems the kids are enjoying our bungalow's in-class paper wad battles as a means to learn about the War Between the States.

We all are doing our darndest to keep the lid on PDA, senioritis (yes, 8th graders catch it, too), hot pants, and envelope-pushing.

The last month is packed with distracting elective class trips to exotic locations (three separate trips to Disneyland! One to Legoland!), 8th grade Career Day, a school-wide talent show, an assembly, finals--and parents. I teach 8th grade, and parents who have been silent and absent all year suddenly surface, like adult acne.

Like acne, things can get ugly.

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