Saturday, October 23, 2010

RIP Bruce Davis, Jr.

shot dead, and for what?
so furious I'm crying
heartbroken-- such loss--

you bought a lie, Bruce.
thugging only ends two ways
one of them found you

you shone with promise
charisma trailing your steps
everyone loved you

the biggest crime: your
choice robbed all of us of you,
of our pride and joy

walmart's parking lot?
I was going to vote for you
I believed in you

it's hard enough to forgive, but when the criminal is also the victim...?


  1. This was beautiful..It's hard enough to grasp in my mind what happened but this truly helps me. Thank you. RIP BRUCE

  2. I cried all day; you are so right, it really is hard to grasp. We all have to help each other get through this grief. My heart hurts. RIP Bruce.

  3. i met bruce years ago when he lived in san diego at bayview,good friend always mad people laugh. i just found out that he passed away today and couldnt believe it. R.I.P BRUCE

  4. Please do not believe everything you read. Bruce Jr was by no way a thug or a crimminal.
    Yes he was a victim. Do not believe everything you read. He was only guilty of enjoying life .
    The people who took his life knew that and hated him for that. So by no mean mix him in the same batch as his Killers. I Loved him and would have given my life so that he get to live his..... His Loving Father... Big Bruce

  5. To this day I can't believe that my boy is gone. I knew Bruce for years since he was a kid at least 12 13 years old I was a little older but Bruce was a great dude , he always told jokes an made everyone laugh. He was apart of our rap group called O.P. Which meant On top of Priorities. Those were the good days when we were just kids enjoying life not worrying about people trying to take them. Sometimes I wish I could be face to face with the assholes who did this. Life is difficult enough bein black. We as black people need to stick together get better stop falling into the stereotype and better our lives and our people so that in the future our kids don't have to worry about the same problems we had too. My prayers go out to big Bruce and also bruce jr mother stay strong I promise Bruce Jr is in a better place. Love and miss you bro I'll see you again one day... - DeAntae Green

  6. I think about Bruce often. Such a treasure. Thanks for sharing your heart, DeAntae.

  7. I have sleepless nights with mind boggling, swirling and racing days. I remember October 15, 2010, as if it were today and to receive a call at 10:00 a.m. that my baby, child, and son had been shot. It really seemed as if I were spinning around until I was dizzy. Contrary, I stood still that sunny, bright, cloudless morning trying to get help to my baby. He was only 20 years old and I knew that he was going to be alright once I got to him. I looked for him in the hospital emergency room which was filled with so many people whom I worked with being an emergency communication dispatcher for the local police department. I was held back and out of the room where my child was fighting for his life. All I wanted was for him to hear my voice with an I LOVE YOU! All I wanted was to tell him to fight don't give up! All I wanted was to tell him that he was born for greatness and failure is not an option, as I had on many occasions, but I was held back. Then to see him lying on the emergency room table and not being able to touch him once he was pronounced dead was even more surreal to me after all this was my baby my only child. I carried him for nine months and breastfeed him. I've always helped him with his whatever it was that needed to be done in life. I fought so hard to prevent something like this. God knows that my B.J. was a good young man. Bruce Davis, Jr. was by no means a drug dealer or an addict. My son was being robbed by two menaces of society and the world we live in. Bruce had just dropped off his newborn daughter, Taylor, and her mother, Jasmine at a pediatrician appointment for Taylor's two month check-up. The Wal-Mart is five minutes from the doctor's office. This Wal-Mart is plagued with violence and the criminals that murdered him have robbed and killed before. My son will never be the fireman he was achieving to become for he had just taken a test with the City of Jackson, MS, and passed the test for the position of Fire Fighter I. He was mailed his acknowledgement letter after he was murdered along with instructions to report for the physical examination of the test. So you see he has been murdered and will never get the opportunity to fulfill his many purposes in life. Bruce Davis, Jr. was in college along with working at Pizza Hut in Bryam, MS. I say to you, Ms. Lola from his mother, Pamela Davis, just as Bruce was President of the African American Club at Gaspar De Portola Middle School elected by his peers for that position; he has a vote from me that he will always be remembered as the God loving and fearing young man whom respected adults, while being popular and loved, he was born to be in my heart. There is so much I could tell you about him, like how he was designing shoes and clothing with an “Exclusive Design” as he labeled it. God has my baby now and this evil cruel world he lived in can't harm him any longer. You may contact me at if you care to know the young man Bruce had become. You tell me how, despite the fact that, someone who had just committed armed robbery of a business that same year was able to be free on the streets and murdered my son? Alan Palmer previously robbed four patrons in a barber shop at gun point why would a judge give him a bond to get out of jail, rob and kill my son before even going to trail? My son had not changed from the warm hearted person with a unique loving personality. The judicial system failed him immensely, and that is what caused him his life, as it often does for so many others! Ms. Lola this is not a LIE even more so you don’t have to buy it. God knows the truth and all individuals involved will pay with their life as well one day.

  8. THANK YOU, Mrs Davis. My heart needed this. Your mother's heart shines bright and though your sorrow is infinite, we who knew him share with you in it. "Born to be in my heart"--always.