Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 F's in May: the Titanic, baseball, and Batman

What I said: "Of course, Mr. X., we can meet for a conference this Monday."
What I thought: "Really? With three weeks remaining? Where have you been the other 33 weeks? You really think grades move much at the last minute? Have you never heard of the Titanic? How about end-of-season batting averages?"

What I said: "I'd like it if you would bring your son to the conference."
What I thought: "That way he can't play us off each other."

What Mr. X. said: "I'll try to get him to come."
What I thought: "Holy parenting, Batman, that's the problem."

What I would like our background music to be during the conference: CLICK HERE
What I wish Mr. X. had learned earlier: CLICK HERE


  1. "I'll try to get him to do his homework"?

  2. Ha: he called during the last minutes of school to say he couldn't make it but wanted a phone conference. When I said fine, I'd keep his son with me to hear the conversation, Dad said son had a carpool to his lacrosse game.

    Me: "Your son plays sports but has three F's?"

    He: "I'd rather have him do sports than drugs and gangs."

    Well. Here is this kid who knows his dad's fears enable him to do whatever he wants. The adult is twice the size of his son, at least as bright, pulls a paycheck, puts food on the table (plenty, both are a little plus-sized)....exactly how does this parent "try" to do right by his son?

  3. And it's naive that he thinks kids who do sports aren't in gangs or don't do drugs.