Thursday, August 23, 2012


My school is on the edge of a canyon. One morning I found an FOC (friend of Charlotte) so big that I had to get my favorite custodian to escort it back to the canyon because it was both 
TBTLW* and TBTK**:

*Too Big to Let Wander
**Too Big to Kill

I am an FOC, too, thanks to Mr. E. B. White and my mom, but this fella kinda gave me the shivers. It wanted so badly to be a tarantula, but it was just a spider on steroids. I named it Barry Bonds. If it had been slightly bigger, it could have enrolled as a 6th grader.

Barry Bonds rides the magic shovel back home


  1. I share your opinion on spiders. I don't like to kill them and try to consider them my friend (after all they do help get rid of the less desirable bugs - nature at work! ) but at the same time they give me the creeps - the bigger ones especially.

  2. Oh, Joel, this one just would have been like killing a mammal! It was very beautiful in its spidery way, but no no no.....