Monday, October 7, 2013

Feeling lucky? I can't believe what I just said---

If Johnny Depp couldn't bring this style back, no one can
Test today.  "Who wants to wear the lucky tricorn hat?" I sing.  After winning a brief roshambo game, M. dons the hat.

As the test goes on, I ask, "Can you just FEEL the luck seeping into your brain from that hat?" Tolerantly, she nods her head.

Soon enough, M. rises to turn in her test. "Can you just FEEL the A-ness of your test?" Instantly
I turn red, and I wish I could, like Cher, turn back time and say "A plus-ness," but it is too late. The class laughs, and pretty swiftly,  the kids return to their tests.

Cher is trying to turn back time
But I think I will put that hat away.

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