Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fresh Start :-)

Middle school is one of the few times in life where we get two fresh starts a year. September is the most famous--everyone wears new clothes, carries new notebooks, checks out the new kids and teachers. Everyone is also on his/her best behavior. Everything everyone does sets precedents for the future.

But my unsung hero is the launch of second semester. The kids and I are like an old married couple, each a little too familiar with the quirks and foibles of the other. And yet tomorrow, Monday, we begin again. I made the kids clean out their backpacks on Friday, so they are organized. Everyone starts with an A, everyone starts fresh with perfect citizenship, and we set new goals for June.

Will R. use his leadership power for good instead of evil? Will V. keep his promise to do all of his work? Will I do a better job of holding kids accountable and pushing my Seminar kids forward?

I am excited to begin -- again!

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  1. It's May--V. has turned in ALL his work and is earning a solid B!! R. is not using his power for good,but he has ceased to actively use it for evil, so I'll call that a victory. As for me, I think I push harder in English than history. A parent told me her daughter works hard on the assignments, and she is one of the best writers in class. Soooo. I think I am hanging in there, but having no frame of reference, it's hard to tell. I wish there was some sort of gauge by which to measure effectiveness.