Saturday, July 10, 2010

Admiration and envy...

My cousin's wife posted some pics of her nephew's experience at their church school's summer camp:

"Last night the girls and I had the opportunity to go see K. perform in a reinactment. All week he has been participating in a history camp that is part of Covenant Life School. They learned about the French and Indian War. Each boy involved takes on the role of a soldier and learns what life was like in the 1700's for the men who were in battle. I could not have been more impressed. They had a whole military camp set up... After it was all over, the boys camped out in tents for the night."

WOW. Can you believe having uniforms and guns for all those kiddos? My history coworker and I have discussed embellishing our Civil War unit with a tent and so on. I am totally fired up by these photos and what this group has put together, in spite of the constraints we have and they don't (300 kids versus 30, authentic mosquitoed forests versus our small grassy quad, no money versus Lordy knows how much). Time to brainstorm and network!

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