Friday, July 23, 2010

exciting--i feel like a grown up!

Last year I got a call from a World Famous Company. Would I be their educational consultant for a project*? One involving all the U.S. presidents? And how much would I charge?

I laughed. "I'd love to work with you, but I've never done this before and have no idea how much is fair."

Oh, my heavenly Father has a way of taking care of me! All I can tell you is this project was a delight, the people I interacted with were creative and sparkly, and the WFC was fair. ;-)

We as teachers stand
on the shoulders of those who
went ahead of us

A child isn't like
a DVD--is never
a finished product,

one's contribution
to a child's life is not something measurable.

Soooo this endeavor
scratched a less-than-lofty
itch: the credit itch--

First time consultant
for an impressive client!
Such interesting work--

Click on the credits
and there's my name! A little
overwhelming, really...

It's not a novel
or portrait; nor a scientific

No one is going
to click on the credits. (Who
cares? My name is there!!!!!)

* These videos are terrific--honest and amusing vignettes about each president that align to California standards. The target audience is 3rd through 8th grade, but my mom really liked them. (Then again, she's my mom.) I really liked them, too. They come with an interactive whiteboard feature to help kids remember what they've learned. No, I don't get royalties. I'm just kinda proud.

9/13/10 THIS JUST IN:
Apparently more people than just my mom and I liked them--the two videos pictured here each won a GOLD 2010 Parents' Choice Award!! Click HERE to read more about it! Hurrah!

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