Thursday, February 2, 2017

The blinds are in!

The blinds are in!!                                ANOTHER CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!
The dust is out!!                               
I see them and                                       FIRST A/C, and now BLINDS!!!!!!!!!!!
I start to shout!
I feel a need
Image result for classroom blindsTo clean the room
I grab the dustpan
Grab the broom

But no, the email's
Piling up
and meetings ever 
Fill my cup
Taking all my time
And grading papers
It's a crime
That blinds so lovely
Show a space
with oh so much

That's out of place

I need a day 
I'll come tomorrow,
A Saturday
(a bit of sorrow)
then realize
that NO I can't
I have to sit 
and watch my aunt
while parents visit
far away
and so no cleaning
is that day

And every time
I think I can
Something pops up
oh man oh man
It's been two weeks
My blinds so new
I can't give them
their proper due

but even though
my room is not
what they deserve
I'm often caught
with dreamy eye
and happy smile
It's been so long, 
It's been a while
since something lovely
and pristine
no kid has marred
so new and clean
has been inside 
this bungalow
(constructed in
and though my room 
does not deserve
the blinds I promise
to preserve
their loveliness
and someday soon
Ill get in here
and clean this room

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