Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Better than a raise, George Clooney, and chocolate combined

It's only been a half dozen years since Facebook's invention, way too soon to fully gauge its impact on American culture. Certainly, educators debate its merits and, like advertisers, look to exploit it for their classroom purposes. For instance, teachers have kiddos assume the role of famous historical figures and have them set up FB pages with those people in mind.

Educators also debate the pros and cons of "friending" students. I joined FB without thinking this through, immediately accepting FB friendship invitations from former students I hadn't kept in contact with. However, I've made it a policy not to accept any "FB friend" invitations from current students; I explain to the inviters that our professional teacher/student relationship needs to be intact for both of us to best do our jobs, but that I am delighted to maintain future contact because, after our school year is over, we can truly call ourselves friends.

Today I received an invitation from the nicest kid I've ever met, my own family members included. In twenty years of teaching with gigantical California-style class sizes, I've met a TON of kids. But N., in my first period class this year, really is something special. I received an FB invite from him this morning. Before I accept such invitations, I go to their pages to check them out, and look what I found on his page--it melted my heart and reminded me AGAIN about how blessed I am to do what I do:

Nxxxxx Rxxxxxx

June 1 at 6:36pm via Social Interview

Awwwwww!! Does this happen to mortgage brokers? Engineers? CEOs?
Money is nice, but the best things in life really are free.


  1. If N is who I think he is, he is something special!
    I just happen to be his mother:).
    We are so fortunate to have had you make such an amazing impact on his life, much gratitude.
    As parents we weren't given an owners manual when we brought him home from the hospital. We give him love, respect, boundaries, responsibly and infinite possibilities for his future. He continues to be a wonderful young man and we are so blessed. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference, you are an amazing woman. Much Gratitude.

  2. Thank YOU for raising the NICEST kid ever!! (and for your kind words. xoxox)