Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I stood looking around the bungalow. It looked pretty empty with everything cleared off the surfaces for a custodial deep clean. All those empty chairs that the kiddos had occupied, chairs I had sat in back in September, praying in this chair for kids whose parents were fighting, praying in that one for kids who had self image problems...there were 38 chairs and plenty of prayers to go around. God is faithful--may He continue to woo this group--may they learn how much they are LOVED with an everlasting love.

Now my career moves home--reorganizing binders and curriculum, planning. My condo is overrun right now; it's pretty daunting, and I've set some pretty serious summer goals.

Still, it was a holy moment when I slipped the school keys off the key chain and handed them over to the custodian: what appeared to be just a few ounces stood for the weight of daily responsibility. I floated home.

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