Saturday, June 19, 2010


Beach and fair plans fell through, so I
a. grabbed The Help by Kathryn Stockett and SPF 55 by Neutrogena and headed straight to the pool
b. called someone else and went to lunch
c. finally booked that massage
d. nailed down my plans for Hawaii

None of the above! I went to the bungalow and did hard battle. I dealt with shelves housing National Geographics culled a dozen years ago when I taught 7th grade social studies. I bested the corner of detritus recently visited by the bunny who hopped in for a visit (see earlier post). I checked every marker for ink in every desk pencil box, ditching the dry, jettisoning all but the juicy. My inner Henry David Thoreau was simply shrieking, "Simplify! Simplify!"

So it was inevitable, canyon school that we are, to find fossilized mouse dookie in those places unvisited by human hand or feather duster for over a decade. But my deep worry is that some of the dookie is not that old. Ew.

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