Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Super Start

First day moments:

Coolio, the portable a/c a friend lent to me, shuts down before period 1. So sad. My high hopes are dashed.
Coolio sort of looks like this.

No ants this year!!!  A billion hurrahs! I cut and distribute the power pie, insect-free.
Last year they were EVERYWHERE.

As I near the white board, a funky smell reaches me. It is NOT the smell of stinky teenager. It is the smell of something organic. I try not to think about it, and after that class, I put a powerful odor catcher in the offending zone. Dear Lord, please don't let it be what I think it might be.
Truly thought this trouble was behind us. It might be under us. 

Not one kiddo complains of heat (or stinky zone).
Good sports--love them already!

Colleague brings me a gorgeous lavender plant and an uplifting note on a beautiful card.
A visual reminder to stay calm.

At lunch I buy a soda from the vending machine. It is warm. Is Coolio conspiring with other campus appliances to keep me from cooling down?
So glad our fridge has an ice maker. 

Today was a minimum day! ANNNND we got to leave without going to any meetings! WHooP!
I wish. I went to Vons.

Under the heading "Something I should know about you," a student writes, "I'm Batman."
(Tomorrow I will tell him, "No, I'M Batman.)


  1. Ha! Love the heading bit.

  2. The Batman part was my favorite. I emailed the other teachers what S. had written and THREE different teachers who'd had him before responded with different versions of, "Oh my gosh-- S had a pencil?/picked up his pencil?/used his pencil?/did what you asked?" So definitely a super start. :-)